The NAG library

The NAG (Numerical Algorithms Group) library is a collection of over 400 subroutines for the solution of numerical problems. Although written in FORTRAN, they may be called from programs written in other languages such as Pascal. Topics covered include solution of ordinary and partial differential equations, curve fitting, matrix operations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, and statistics.

Using the NAG library

To use the NAG library, you must link it with your object file(s) by including the item:
-lnag as the last item on the f77 command line.


To compile the Fortran source file 'myprog.f', link with the NAG library, and create an executable file 'myprog', enter:

f77 -o myprog myprog.f -lnag

Obtaining information

Complete information may be found in the NAG library manuals available for reference in the Computer Centre Library.

Brief information can also be obtained by entering the command help nag.

Subroutine names

All subroutine names are of the form: XddXXX, where X is a letter and n a digit (e.g. F01AAF). The first three characters Xdd define the general topic to which the routine applies, e.g.

A02 Complex arithmetic

C02 Zeros of polynomials

C05 Roots of one or more transcendental equations

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